About Us

Learn more about how PureHeart Wellness Solutions started!

What became pureHeart Wellness Solutions today started in 2003 in Maryland, U.S.A

It provided homecare  and training for nurses. It later migrated to California, U.S.A and had since been touching lives, impacting peoples’ health in diverse ways. 

To ensure that Nigerians benefit from the ideals of PureHeart, the organization moved to Nigeria in 2012. Since then, there had been spirited efforts to expand on the services of the organization despite the lack awareness and publicity.

Part of the expansion included providing focused and guided solutions, optimum care, counselling and health talks, especially to moms and moms-to-be. True to it’s name, PureHeart has been purely divine, selfless, and inspirational.

PureHeart Wellness Solutions’ Founder, Bolanle Abiola-Ipaye, holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing from Marymount University, Arlington Virginia.

She equally holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) from the American National University, Salem, Virginia.

In addition, Ipaye is a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) as well as a Certified Pediatric Nutrition Nurse (CPNN).

She has worked with various organizations such as :

  • Washington Adventist Hospital, Tacoma – Maryland

  • John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore – Maryland

  • St. Joseph Hospital – Emergency Room, Stockton – California

  • Specialty Clinic Coordinator at Department of Corrections, State of California

Why Choose Us

Gold-standard medical care

We ensure adherence to national and international treatment guidelines to give our patients the best medical care available always for the right amount of money

Unmatched Expertise & Professionalism

Rest assured we have top notch health professionals working for us. Our unmatched expertise of doctors, and superior level of care reveal our commitment to patients well-being

Community Outreach and Enlightenment

We are committed to supporting the communities we are in to improve the health of all. We have quarterly outreaches that provide healthcare services to those around us


We work hard to bring you the best prices for our health care services and we remove unnecessary costs that inflate medicals bills which allows you to always pay affordable fees for world class services


We make all the processes easy for you.

Comfortable environment

We ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Customer service

Our staff are friendly and eager to help you get the best out of your clinic visit

Decreased wait times

We provide convenient scheduling to decrease time wasted waiting

Our Expert Team

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Bolanle Abiola-Ipaye


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Dr. Bakare


Mrs. Ebunoluwa Smith



Mirian Nwachukwu-Amadi

Clinic Admin

Adejoke Odunayo Fasasi

Head Nurse


Hannah Nongu Kadoon

Nurse (CHEW)

Mrs. Udoh Victoria


Miss. Fiyinfoluwa Adebayo

Healthcare Support Staff